Rachel McAdams bra size movies height age


Rachel McAdams bra size movies height age  

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Rachel McAdams  Pics

This beautiful woman is an actress in hollywood.The Canadian beauty started her career with theatre.She made her first appearance on TV with Disney series ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’.Her film debut was a Canadian movie ‘My Name is Tanino’.Then she was casted in a comedy movie titled ‘The Hot Chick'(2000).She got her first lead role in 2004 hit film ‘Mean Girls’.She also shared screen space with Ryan Gosling in the movie ‘The Notebook'(2004).Rachel was then seen in the superhit movie ‘Wedding Crashers’.In 2009, she appeared with top actor Robert Downey Jr. in the blockbuster movie ‘Sherlock Holmes’.She then starred in a drama movie ‘The Vow'(2012) which proved to be her biggest box-office success.She has dated handsome hunk Ryan Gosling but the couple split in a short time.

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Rachel McAdams

Born Name: Rachel Anne McAdams

Nick Name: Rach

Rachel McAdams Age:Rachel McAdams is currently 36 according to her birthdate November 17, 1978

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Born Place: London, Ontario, Canada

Nationality:  Canada

Rachel McAdams Education:
She did her schooling from Myrtle Street Public School and later joined York University.


Father Name:
Lance McAdams (Retired truck driver and furniture mover)

Mother Name:
Sandra McAdams (née Gale) (Nurse)

Build: Slim

Rachel McAdams Height: 5 ft 4 in or 163 cm

Rachel McAdams Weight:  54 kg or 119 pounds

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Measurements: 34-24-35 in or 87-61-89 cm

Rachel McAdams Bra Size: 32B

Rachel McAdams First Film: Rachel played Sally Garfield in the 2002 comedy film My Name is Tanino.

Rachel McAdams Rap Song :  Get It Together (By Beastie Boys)

Rachel McAdams First TV Show: In 2001, McAdams guest appeared in the television show Shotgun Love Dolls for her role as Beth Swanson in an episode titled “Pilot”.

Religion: Her religious beliefs are not known.

Favorite Color: Purple

Rachel McAdams Boyfriends / Girlfriends / Spouse:
Rachel McAdams dated –

Ryan Gosling (2005-2008) – They both met each other on the set of the 2004 movie “The Notebook” and soon started seeing each other. The duo was in a relationship from 2004 until 2007. They also reconciled for a couple of months in 2008. So, this was a ON-again OFF-again kind of relationship
Josh Lucas (2009) – American actor Josh Lucas and actress Rachel were first spotted kissing at an event in Washington D.C. Post that, they dated for months in 2009, possibly from January 2009 until August 2009.
Ben Jackson (2009-2010) – After meeting on the set of 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes, Rachel was RUMORed to be dating Jude Law’s assistant, Ben Jackson in late 2009, possibly from December 2009 to January 2010.
Michael Sheen (2010-2013) – Michael Sheen, Welsh actor met McAdams on the set of 2011 movie Midnight in Paris. They started dating in September 2010. The co-stars dated quietly until February 2013.
Patrick Sambrook (2013-2014) – Rachel dated Patrick Sambrook, who is a well known personality in the Canadian music industry from July 2013 to May 2014. The duo were first photographed at CANFAR benefit in Toronto, back in May 2013.
Jake Gyllenhaal (2014) – RUMOR

Net Worth :Not Known

3 thoughts on “Rachel McAdams bra size movies height age

  1. The reason for this is that I saw her at a filming with some of what looked to be family members. She was wearing very high heels and was barely taller than the kids from the family. Her heels must have been at least 6″ because when she took them off and was in her stocking feet she looked a lot shorter than what I assumed to be her niece who couldn’t have been more than 11 years old. She looked about as tall as the young boy of the family. Her niece asked to put on her heels and struggled to fit in them at all. When she got them on she stood up and Rachel seemed to be in major shock. She was looking way up to a pre teen girl and was no taller than her shoulders. They started laughing at the height difference. I don’t think Rachel even realized her niece was taller until she took off her heels and now she seemed so tiny standing next to her in her stocking feet. She looked like a little girl. Granted the whole family she was with seemed really tall but what a height difference. The mom and the dad towered over her too. I think she is max 5 feet tall.

  2. She is very beautiful but very tiny too. I’ve seen her at an event where she was taking pictures with fans and even with sky high heels on she was towered by them in the pics. Her and some family members were in a hotel lobby later with what I can only guess to be family or close friends waiting to go somewhere. Not many people noticed them but I did because I had just seen them earlier. The family was tall, I will give you that but the parents completely towered over her even in her heels. The family had two young kids with them who in listening to the mom were 10 and 12. The mom of the kids was mentioning how tall her kids were getting and Rachel said “I know, your son is taller than me” The mom said he was already 5’8″ at 12 and her daughter was 5’3″ already. Rachel looked shocked and said “no way, that’s taller than me”. She called the girl who was 10 over to measure and Rachel was about an inch taller but then the girl mentioned Rachel’s heels to which Rachel replied “oh no, I forgot I was wearing these”. They were standing face to face and as she took off her heels she went from an inch taller than the girl to about at upper lip level. It was amazing to see her so short to a child. You could tell she wasn’t used to not being out of her heels because she seemed uncomfortable with the height difference. She kept getting on her tip toes to talk to the girl and the mom. The mom who was very tall showed no mercy and hugged Rachel showing her to only be just under her shoulders even while Rachel was on her tip toes saying “I feel like a munchkin”. The mom had the son and the dad come over from where they were talking and they stood next to her too with the young boy just a little shorter than his mom but more than a head taller than her. The mom ended up taking a picture with her between the boy and his dad and Rachel looked so tiny with her only reaching the dad’s lower chest level. Funny that the girl in the meantime had put on Rachel’s shoes and the only reason she was able to put them on was because there was no back to the shoes. Her foot hung over the back by at least an inch. I looked at Rachel’s feet and they were tiny. The girl was now about her brothers height and came over to hug Rachel and rested her chin on Rachel’s head. Rachel said “how embarrassing”. She can’t be more than 4’11”.


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